RAID Data Recovery
We can restore hopelessly damaged RAIDs - even after other so-called experts have given up you can quickly get back to Business.

We have seen everything that could go wrong with any type of RAID Server… and have the remedies to fix the problems… to regain valuable data in record time.

When individuals and enterprise users need a reliable, fast, technologically advanced, and yet affordable data recovery solutions; they have chosen “Ni-Ki” repeatedly.

We have successfully saved nos. of businesses from complete ruin by restoring their valuable data that they thought was lost forever. We can do same for you. By working with Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services you can get your valuable data back with an reasonable price.

  • Most common causes of RAID failures
  • RAID controller failure
  • RAID configuration lost
  • Accidental reconfiguration
  • Multiple drives failure
  • Missing RAID partitions
  • Reformatted RAID partitions
  • Virus Damage

Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services treat every case as a priority. Once the server or drives reach our lab, our engineers will evaluate them thoroughly and find out the specific problems with the failed array.

In the evaluation process, we will determine whether the RAID has logical corruption or drives in the RAID array have suffered physical damage; or is it the combination of both and process accordingly.

If your data is important, then seeking professional from an established and highly regarded Data Recovery Company with a proven track record is a must.